IG Series EP 1: Border by Sultan Orazaly

IG Series EP 1: Border by Sultan Orazaly




Nowadays, there are more than ten thousand consumers of magic tricks; they are none other than workers, magicians, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Each with different needs. And this is where we come in.

Introducing, our new line of release: the Instagram series.

In this series, the tricks are designed specifically for social media. Because not everyone who buys tricks needs a solid routine. They might just need something that is easy to pick up, visual and is able to share on social media in no time.

In this episode, we are presenting to you “Border” from the mind of Sultan Orazaly.

Bring out a card held by either a knife or a marker, with just a simple snap of a finger, the entire body of the card will disappear leaving only its border behind.

DISCLAIMER: The tricks branded with IG series are purely for social media usage only. When performing in real life, you are to have great skill and angle management in front of your audience. By purchasing this effect, you have completely understood and accepted this limitation.



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