MonarchGUM Tool Plus by mike clark $35.00 The creator of Revise 5, Mike Clark, is finally releasing his next greatest!

Mike Clark, better known as @magictrickmike, is a candy fascinated magician. In 2017, he released his multi-color changing gum trick, Revise 5, which crashed the social media platform and won heart from top influencers such as Justin Flom, Kevin Li, David from Magic Crasher, and Tyler Sherwin. After working for close to 2 years, we are proud and excited to share with you all Mike's most favorite magic trick to date.
Say hello to Gum Tool Plus (GTP).
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MonarchMonarch by Avi Yap starting from $40.00 One of the most anticipated project release by Avi Yap is finally here. Wait... Who is Avi? Avi is a superbly talented and young coin magician based in Singapore who had successfully fooled and entertained a lot of big name magicians such as Chris Kenner, Chris Ramsey, Wayne Houchin and the list goes on.

After 10 years of working with coins, Avi has finally agreed to share with us his coin work through a series called "Art of Coins." Each chapter will share some of Avi's beautifully crafted routines that was reserved for his personal working repertoire. There's no better routine to kickstart "Art of Coins" than Monarch.
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The OriginThe Origin by Austin Ho starting from $28 A monumental (Genesis) story that adopted in playing cards; the RADIANT TREASURES that we believe should be a piece of everyone’s life.

The Origin is Austin's very best work to date. He designed it with all his skills, knowledge,10 years of working experience, and passionate love for mythology. To replicate the scenes of mythology in a dynamic fashion, he has embedded his favourite collectible as a teenager, 3D paper art frames, into the tuck case. The best part is that a deck of cards' secret story blends perfectly with the "Genesis" theme.
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Vanishing BandVanishing Band by Romnick tan bathan $24.95 You start the presentation by taking out a single rubber band and stretching it out. Without any cover, you would magically vanish a single rubber band into thin air. No words can describe how magical this moment is. Once the rubber band was gone, it is entirely under your control where you want the rubber band to reappear.

It is Extremely Visual, Easy to Do and Versatile. Your audience wont have a clue! You don't need to wear extra rubber bands on your wrist! Both hands never come apart as the magic happens. Not to mention, it is resettable in just 1 second.
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