Access by Rizki Nanda

Access by Rizki Nanda




What if you could gain access to someone’s head and being able to reveal their thoughts in seconds?

Have the spectator think of a number,a name or drawing anything.They write it on a pack of gum,close it and return it to you.
The momment you grab the gum,you instantly gain access to the
secret information concealed within.It’s a jaw dropping mentalism effect that is simple to learn and perform.A modern mind reading device for the modern magician.

Never leave your house without a pack of gum.

*Gimmicks Included*


“The peek occurs right away and is well hidden…I like the gimmicking of the “Access” pack of gum and think it can be useful.”

Wayne Kawamoto, 2/17/2015 Full Review

“If you are into street magic then this would suit your style.”

Phil Shaw, The Peek 2/9/2015 Full Review

“(Spanish video review)”

Telmo, Reviewer 3/7/2015

“Once you’ve made it you’ll have no problem working this. It’s a tool rather than a trick and certainly does the job.”

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/9/2015


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