Olympians Playing Cards by Austin Ho

Olympians Playing Cards by Austin Ho


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LESS than 24 decks are available!

The technology in our world is advancing at a rapid rate, as evidently shown by the surge of countless creative technological innovations on Kickstarter. With technology being the rave of this era—we, Skymember Presents, want to draw the beauty of art back to people’s lives with our love for art and playing cards.

Welcome to Project Olympians. Its designer, Austin Ho is very eager to share with you all his beautiful drawings based on Greek Mythology—all in the format of playing cards! With over five years in the making, we’re finally ready to share this piece of art with you guys. Each design in this project is well thought out and filled with its meaning. We hope you all will enjoy and love the experience of Greek Mythology aesthetics imbued in the playing cards of Project Olympians. Together, we’ll make history.

Features of the Olympians

  • Our signature playing cards (limited to 2500 decks).
  • Each Deck will be numbered and signed (upon request).
  • Printed by United States Playing Cards on Premium Thin Crush Stock (higher QC level).
  • 56 Poker-sized playing cards (52 Cards + 2 Jokers + 2 Gaffs).
  • Two-way fanning—Day and Night.
  • Borderless Deck Design.
  • Original custom designed tuck case made from Curious Metallics Chocolate—one of the highest quality paper by Antalis from France.
  • Insanely detailed and precise designs of court cards.
  • Unique color arrangement. Spades and Hearts are colored gold while clubs and diamonds are colored silvered.






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