Deception by Abdullah Mahmoud

Deception by Abdullah Mahmoud

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Stabbed and Restored a.k.a TNR card effect, we bet this magic plot is no stranger to every magician. There have so many amazing magicians over the past decades that invented fantastic methods and contributed to this magical plot, and Abdullah Mahmoud is one of them. From the creator of “Inkling” and “Egyptian Ink,” we are proudly introducing you his Stabbed and Restored card effect; Deception.


What makes the Deception so compelling is that the gimmicked card does the healing part for you. Then?! You can focus on your presentation and be the star of the shows. The best part? The gimmicked card can be signed.

Take out the key and stab on a folded gimmicked card and cast “blah blah blah.” BANG! The card was magically restored.

You are no longer required to enter the cave and practice for years to do magical TNR effect.

In the tutorial, Finix will teach you in detail how to craft your very own Deception gimmicked card. Once you mastered the technique, you can easily make a bunch of them within an hour.



Fully examinable after the performance.
Only one card is used.
The card can be signed.
The stabbed card can be shown both sides.
Easy to do.
Almost entire self-working.


Disclaimer: If you have any problem in constructing the gimmicked card, you may contact us to purchase the premade gimmicked cards.


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