Blood Amber Playing Cards

Blood Amber Playing Cards


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Blood Amber, one of the decks in “The One” playing cards series specially designed for cardists and magicians. The deck’s design is centred on the experience of striving as a human being.

Every human will have lost their freedom of being—or freedom of expression—the moment they set foot into the society. To fit in and to be accepted, one must mask him- or her true self lest he or she faces social rejection. Consequently, this societal pressure has forced everyone to assume the role of a Joker, each equipped with masks of their own to “entertain.”

Growing up, we were taught to abandon our dreams because they aren’t realistic. We’d grow to become “the working dead” that no longer pursue dreams nor desire. In traditional playing cards design, red is typically applied to hearts and diamonds; however, in Blood Amber, we’d turned things another way round to deliver an essential message to everyone. To “think and act beyond the convention” if it is what it takes to progress. Conventional mindset must be changed, lest one stays in uncertainty and inaction forever.

Courts Cards:
The custom courts cards’ design is an amalgamation of many thin lines, which are arranged closely together with multiple layers to form the shape of the courts cards. Just like in our lives, if we want to work towards a goal, we have to start small and work step by step to change ourselves. And one day, all the small changes would accumulate to form a complete image of our ideal selves.

Ace of Spades:
Ace is the highest ranking card. Similarly, the Amber gemstone is a symbol of success or highest achievement in Blood Amber. We must be willing to shed our masks and work hard to grow beyond what society expects of us to reach our true potential—the gem that is hidden inside every one of us.

Now, are you prepared to find your true potential through Blood Amber?

Features of Blood Amber:
-Printed by USPCC on thin crushed stock. It’s flexible, thinner and more durable—perfect for daily use by magicians and cardists alike.
-Unique custom designed Courts Cards and Jokers.
-Back design with eye-catching vibrant colour. Catches attention even from afar when you are performing cardistry or magic tricks!



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